Art Therapist

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Irene Dewdney

Born in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Irene Dewdney (née Donner) and her husband Selwyn Dewdney (1909-1979), are both recognized among the founders of art therapy in Canada. The couple, both artists, worked collaboratively throughout their careers, developing the field of art therapy ...


dlmorrow studied art under Don Holman and Janis Hoogstraten through the Studio and Art History program at Scarborough College, University of Toronto. She received a BA with distinction in Visual Arts, Art History and Archaeology in 1979 ...

Beth Stewart

Beth Stewart (née Collins) is a professional artist and educator. Born and raised in Windsor, Ontario, she attended the University of Windsor, earning a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Education. Moving to London, Ontario, Stewart continued her education at Western University, where she was mentored by art therapy pioneer Irene Dewdney, earning a Diploma in Art Therapy ...