Artist Medium


Margot Ariss

Margot Ariss was born in 1929 in Belleville, Ontario. She moved to London in 1940 and attended H. B. Beal Secondary School where she met her husband, artist & teacher Herb Ariss. Margot began working as a sculptor in the late 1950’s, stamping words into soft clay with a child’s set of wooden letters ...

Daisy Bailey

Daisy Bailey was born in Toronto, Ontario and attended the University of Toronto where she earned her Bachelor of Arts. In London, Ontario, she received instruction from Herb Ariss at H. B. Beal Secondary School, and by 1970 was teaching art at the school herself ...

Susan Day

Susan Day is a visual artist whose work is predominately constructed of ceramic. She has exhibited extensively, and her work has successfully straddled the worlds of contemporary craft and fine art ...

Leslie Putnam

Leslie Putnam is a London-based sculptor, multimedia and installation artist whose work, comprised of elements found in nature, responds to the experience of how we as humans connect to the natural world. She investigates in the gap between human perception of the natural world, and how humans experience the natural world based on these perceptions ...