Artist Medium


Charlotte Brainerd

Charlotte Brainerd began studying at the Walker Art Center School in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1942, attending the school through 1943 before taking a break to later return from 1946 to 1948. In the early 1950s she came to Canada, subsequently studying at the Vancouver School of Art (now Emily Carr University of Art and Design), and then moved to London, Ontario, where she taught at H.B. Beal Secondary School from 1958 to 1959 ...

Marilyn Conklin

Marilyn Conklin holds an BFA (Hons Studio) from Western University. She has exhibited her work with the UPwithART fundraiser (London, Ontario), and has had two solo exhibitions at Strand Fine Art in London, Ontario and Gallery in the Grove in Bright’s Grove, Ontario ...

Sarah Cowling

Sarah Cowling has been working in acrylics and collage for more than twenty years. Her art consists primarily of abstracted landscapes as well as themes of women’s issues, fantasy, and imagined places. Often pieces are created en plien air (even when working in collage) ...