Role Detail


Susan Edelstein

Susan Edelstein is a curator, writer and lecturer whose research interests include museum and curatorial practices, visual culture, and the diffusion and reception of art works within the museum world. In her role at Western University, a post she has held since 2006, she works closely with all students (undergraduate and graduate) assisting them to realize their artistic potential within a gallery context ...

Madeline Lennon

Born in New York City, Madeline Lennon studied at St. Helena High School in New York City and completed her undergraduate degree in English Literature at the College of New Rochelle. Upon her arrival in London, Ontario, she decided to change her field from English literature to art history. She studied in Paris and then entered graduate studies in the History of Art at the University of Toronto ...

Anna Madelska

In 2003, Anna Madelska received her Associate degree in sculpture and installation from the Ontario College of Art and Design. In 2005, she completed her MFA at Western University and now teaches drawing foundations and foundations in visual arts in the Department’s curriculum. She is also the Associate Director of DNA Artspace in downtown London ...

Kim Neudorf

Born in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Kim Neudorf attended the Alberta College of Art and Design from 2001-2005, achieving a BFA in painting. In 2012, she completed her MFA in Visual Arts at Western University. Neudorf’s paintings have been exhibited across Canada; most recently in Kingston at Modern-Fuel Artist-Run Centre, in London at DNA Gallery and Forest City Gallery, and in Toronto at Franz Kaka Gallery, Susan Hobbs Gallery, and Paul Petro Gallery ...

Judith Rodger

Judith Rodger is a freelance curator and art historian based in London, Ontario. She has worked at what is now Museum London, McIntosh Gallery at Western University and the Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto. She has a BA in English and Psychology from McGill University, a Postgraduate Certificate in Education for the University of London (UK) and an MA in the History of Art from the University of Toronto ...

Jan Shepherd McKee

Jan Shepherd McKee’s education was extensive and varied; she holds degrees in English Literature, Philosophy (Metaphysics and Philosophy of Science), Visual Arts (Studio), Law and Business Administration from Western University and The University of Hawaii. Cross-disciplinary work has formed the basis of Shepherd McKee’s creative exploration over the last 35 years ...

Melanie Townsend

Melanie Townsend was Head of Exhibitions and Collections at Museum London for fourteen years, making innumerable contributions to the institution. She was known for her insightful and original curatorial work, and her deliciously dry sense of humour. She was an industrious, down-to-earth, and no-nonsense individual who developed some of Museum London’s most popular and critically-acclaimed