Artist Medium


Anna P. Baker

Anna P. Baker was born at Victoria Hospital in June 1928 and was adopted by Alfred and Roberta Baker. Throughout high school, Baker was skilled in athletics, academics, music, and especially art, for which she won the Gold Medal ...

Emily Mary Gunn Fried

Emily Mary Gunn was born in London, Ontario c.1862. Although she married John Fried (sometimes spelled Freed) in 1898, many sources refer to her by her unmarried name. Emily M. Gunn attended the Western School of Art and Design in London, Ontario. In 1889 she graduated from Hellmuth Ladies College, also in London, Ontario, with the gold medal in art ...

Tracy Root

Tracy Root was born in Shropshire, England, and immigrated to Canada in 1966 at the age of two. Root attended the University of Windsor where she studied Fine Arts, and now lives in London, Ontario. Tracy Root was among four London artists commissioned in 2012 to paint murals to combat graffiti in the city ...