Artist Medium


Anna P. Baker

Anna P. Baker was born at Victoria Hospital in June 1928 and was adopted by Alfred and Roberta Baker. Throughout high school, Baker was skilled in athletics, academics, music, and especially art, for which she won the Gold Medal ...

Josy Britton

Josy Britton knew she was an artist in Kindergarten, when she was looking at her assignment of a Fall tree hanging amongst the efforts of her classmates and decided hers was unique. Every Christmas and birthday thereafter answered the wish for art supplies ...

Florence Carlyle

Born in Galt, Ontario (presently Cambridge), Florence Carlyle moved with her family to Woodstock in 1871. All her siblings had artistic talent, and Carlyle herself was gifted in visual arts and music from a young age ...

Mary Healey

Mary Healey was born in 1885 in Bradford, West Yorkshire, England. She attended the Slade School of Fine Art, University College, London, England, developing skills in painting life-like watercolour portraits ...