Artist Medium


Connie Jefferess

Born in London, Ontario, Connie Jefferess graduated from South Secondary School before spending two years studying art at H. B. Beal Secondary School, where local artist Herb Ariss was one of her teachers. Over the years, in addition to painting and pottery, she studied fabric printing and stitchery at Sheridan College in the 1950s ...

Dagmar Kovar

Dagmar Kovar was born in Bohemia. In Prague, she studied chemistry as her first profession. She changed her focus to art only after she relocated to Canada in mid-1990s ...

Arale Vallely

Born in Hong Kong, Arale Vallely (Sze Shuen Wong) is a Chinese artist living in London, Ontario where four seasons provide constant inspiration. Vallely’s artwork depicts various flowers and vegetables from her garden or nearby nurseries, and baked goods from her kitchen ...