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Nancy Geddes Poole

Born in London, Ontario, Nancy Geddes Poole was interested in art from a young age. She attended public schools in London and, in the eighth grade, sat behind Margot Ariss and watched her draw in the margins of her books. At Central Collegiate, Poole took art classes from Tony Gillies but it was apparent to her she did not have the same talent for creating art as her peers. Later, Poole attended Branksome Hall in Toronto ...

Sophie Skaith

Sophie Skaith was born in Toronto, Ontario in 1952 with the name Eha Sumberg. Her middle name, Sophie, was added legally in the 1990s. She moved to London, Ontario, in the 1970s. Sophie Skaith received her B.A. Hon. (Art History) from the University of Toronto in 1976 and a Master of Public Administration from Western University in 2005 ...