Carol Finkbeiner Thomas

Carol Finkbeiner Thomas began her career at the London Regional Art and Historical Museums (now Museum London) and headed the Visual Arts department at London, Ontario’s Medway High School for 12 years. She is currently a member of the organizing committee for the London Artists Studio Tour.

Carol Finkbeiner Thomas is a full-time practicing artist currently residing in London, Ontario.
Born in London but raised north of Toronto, she returned to London in the early 1990s after receiving her Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours) at York University. In 1990 she began her career at the London Regional Art and Historical Museums (now Museum London) as an Educational Coordinator for Historical Museums.

In 1994, Finkbeiner Thomas returned to school and earned her Visual Arts Specialist degree in Education at Western University, receiving the Dorothy Emery Memorial Award for excellence in Visual Arts Education. Finkbeiner Thomas was head of the department Visual Arts at Medway High School in London, Ontario from 1998 to 2020.

Finkbeiner Thomas has served on the executive committees of the London Potters Guild, the Parkinson’s Foundation of London, and is currently a member of the organizing committee for the London Artists Studio Tour.

Greatly helped and influenced by local artist Kim Douglas Harrison, Finkbeiner Thomas continued to explore and expand her own art practice throughout her career in education, eventually transitioning into becoming a full-time, professional artist. She is primarily an oil painter, creating atmospheric, abstracted landscapes, florals, and figurative works. Finkbeiner Thomas is represented by several commercial galleries and her work can be found in many collections in Canada, Europe, and the United States.

Biography Courtesy of Carol Finkbeiner Thomas

 Painting Notes

My work is of course inspired in part by our beautiful Ontario landscapes. I’ve spent many days swimming, hiking, and just watching the fields go by from the car window. But the paintings are not necessarily about specific places as much as they are about the feelings of places that are familiar.

When I create a body of work I take some reference photographs, as well as sketching in the field but I also really like to do very loose, abstracted watercolour studies that have a feeling of landscape without being about a specific view. All of these things can come together equally to create my work.

A photograph or field sketch provides the initial reference for a fast, painted sketch that is put directly onto the canvas. I like to use a paint roller or a very large brush to create forms rather than drawn outlines, as this keeps my initial painting very loose and creates interesting marks. At this point I put the reference away so that I can respond to the marks that are on the canvas in a more intuitive way. The finished work can happen very fast in one or two layers or can involve many weeks of layering and drying. Each painting demands its own approach.

The thing I like best about painting landscapes is trying to capture the energy and the atmosphere of a place. We recognize a sense of space and objects in a landscape without having to fully illustrate these elements. That way we can bring our own memories and feelings to the work and not everything has been solved for us.

Artist’s Statement Courtesy of Carol Finkbeiner Thomas

CV Courtesy of Carol Finkbeiner Thomas

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Courtesy of Carol Finkbeiner Thomas

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