Euphemia (Effie) Woolverton

Other names: Euphemia Louise (Effie) Woolverton

A talented artist, Euphemia Woolverton’s sculpture of a child was award first prize at the 1927 Canadian National Exhibition.

Euphemia “Effie” Woolverton was born in London, Ontario in 1882.
Her father, Solon Woolverton, was a well-known local dentist and geologist.

Woolverton took an early interest in art and began studying at the Western School of Art and Design. There, instructed by John R. Peel (the father of London artists Mildred and Paul Peel), she developed an interest in sculpture. After Peel’s death in 1904, Woolverton would go to St. Thomas for instruction in painting from William St. Thomas Smith. Following World War I, Woolverton attended the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art.

Recognized as a talented artist, Woolverton’s sculpture of a child was awarded first prize at the 1927 Canadian National Exhibition. Her work often appeared in exhibitions in London and across Ontario.

Euphemia Woolverton passed away in 1959.

Biography by Samantha Merritt


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