Judith Rodger

Judith Rodger has worked at Museum London, McIntosh Gallery, and the Art Gallery of Ontario

Judith Rodger is a freelance curator and art historian based in London, Ontario.  She has worked at what is now Museum London, McIntosh Gallery at Western University and the Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto. She has a BA in English and Psychology from McGill University, a Postgraduate Certificate in Education for the University of London (UK) and an MA in the History of Art from the University of Toronto. Rodger is currently an adjunct professor in the Department of Visual Arts at Western University. She has been involved in exhibitions of Greg Curnoe’s work at Museum London and the AGO and has written about his life and work.

Biography Courtesy of Judith Rodger

CV Courtesy of Judith Rodger

Biography Profile Photo: Jackie Noble
Courtesy of Judith Rodger


A Driving Force interview conducted by Lauren Luchenski and Madisen Sollars
M.A. Public History Program, Western University

Nicole Coenen, Videographer


McIntosh Gallery, Red Doors (Thumbnail)Click here for information about works donated by Judith Rodger
to McIntosh Gallery’s collection.


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A Driving Force Interview: Judith Rodger