Kelly Wood

“And, is not garbage as abstract a concept as art is? What is garbage anyway but a lot of discarded packaging—and where would art be without its packaging? Art is almost entirely packaging—a packaged idea.”– Kelly Wood

Kelly Wood is a photographer and practicing artist currently residing in London, Ontario. She has contributed greatly as both an educator and artist to the local London community.

Wood hails from Vancouver, BC where she completed her education at Emily Carr University and the University of British Columbia. She held brief teaching positions in Vancouver and Toronto before her appointment in 2005 as an associate professor in the Department of Visual Arts at Western University. She continues to mentor students through her role as an undergraduate teacher in photography, and graduate teacher and supervisor while maintaining an active professional career as an artist.

Wood has exhibited her work across Canada, as well as in the United States, Belgium, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Germany, and Australia. She has recently exhibited in Plastic Entanglements an important travelling survey exhibition of environmental art at the Palmer Art Museum, U. S. A. Her photography engages with environmental themes, particularly waste accumulation, waste economies, and visible/invisible pollution and draws attention to climate change, consumerism, and sustainability. Her best-known work, The Continuous Garbage Project (1998-2003), photographically archived all of the garbage produced by the artist over the course of five years with the intent to show a significant reduction in waste. Wood’s consciousness-raising photographs have been collected by major Canadian museums including the National Gallery of Canada, the Art Gallery of Ontario, the Vancouver Art Gallery, and McIntosh Gallery. Wood has also published writing on Vancouver photography in such international publications as History of Photography, and Philosophy of Photography in the UK.

Biography by Kelsey Perreault



Wood, Kelly. “Kelly Wood.”

Kelly Wood: The Continuous Garbage Project 1998-2003. Vancouver, British Columbia: The Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery, University of British Columbia, 2003. Exhibition catalogue.

The Vancouver Carts: Photographs by Kelly Wood
Video: Western University

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CV Courtesy of Kelly Wood

Biography Profile Photo: Michelle Normoyle
Courtesy of Kelly Wood


A Driving Force interview conducted by Kyle Lariviere
M.A. Public History Program, Western University

Eric Simard,  Videographer


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A Driving Force Interview: Kelly Wood