Ko Bhamra

Ko Bhamra is a contemporary Canadian artist born in 1972 in Punjab, India. Her main practice consists of oil painting that best fits into the genres of abstract and contemporary art. Bhamra began her formal study of painting at the Windsor Centre for Creative Arts in 1989, the first year of its establishment (it has since been renamed the The Walkerville Centre for the Creative A​rts) ...

Kim Neudorf

Born in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Kim Neudorf attended the Alberta College of Art and Design from 2001-2005, achieving a BFA in painting. In 2012, she completed her MFA in Visual Arts at Western University. Neudorf’s paintings have been exhibited across Canada; most recently in Kingston at Modern-Fuel Artist-Run Centre, in London at DNA Gallery and Forest City Gallery, and in Toronto at Franz Kaka Gallery, Susan Hobbs Gallery, and Paul Petro Gallery ...