Mary Redekop

Mary Redekop spent 35 years teaching visual arts to secondary school students.

Mary Redekop, who grew up in Creemore, Ontario, holds a BA and MA in Art History from the University of Toronto.  Mary continued her education at the Sorbonne in Paris, Mudflat in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and at Boston University. Since retiring after thirty-five years of teaching visual arts in secondary schools, she has had a brief career as a full-time potter, has taught in Western University’s School of Continuing Studies and, for the last seventeen years, at the University of Toronto where she won several Excellence in Education Awards. She is frequently a guest lecturer for the University of  Toronto Alumni Association.  Currently, she teaches courses in art history as a fund-raising project for the Art and Travel Committee of McIntosh Gallery at Western University.  Since 1980, Mary has led more than sixty groups, both adolescents and adults, to Europe and Central Asia to share her passion for the art, culture, food and wine of these areas. Her other passions include opera, chamber music, baseball, her three adult children and their families, and her dogs.

Biography Courtesy of Mary Redekop

CV Courtesy of Mary Redekop

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“Tour Guide in Jumieges, France”
Courtesy of Mary Redekop


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