Artist Medium


Bonnie Parkinson

Bonnie Parkinson was born in December 1941 in London, Ontario. Her father, Harry Cluff, had shown promise as a young art student at H. B. Beal Secondary School in London, Ontario, but had unfortunately had to leave school to help his family financially. Parkinson’s father took a great interest in her early artistic talent and was very supportive when she entered the Special Art Programme at Beal, where she showed an innate artistic ability ...

Mildred Peel

Mildred Peel was born in 1856 in London, Ontario. She was the eldest child of John Robert Peel and Amelia Margaret Hall. Her parents, originally from London, England, came to London, Ontario in the early 1850s. Mildred’s artistic talent was apparent during her childhood, and she grew up in a household that supported her interests ...