Artist Medium


Eveline Marie Alexander

With no formal training, Lady Eveline Marie Alexander may have learned to draw and paint from her father Lieutenant-Colonel Charles Cornwallis Michell (1793-1851) of the Royal Artillery, who was drawing master at the Royal Military College ...

Anna P. Baker

Anna P. Baker was born at Victoria Hospital in June 1928 and was adopted by Alfred and Roberta Baker. Throughout high school, Baker was skilled in athletics, academics, music, and especially art, for which she won the Gold Medal ...

Eva Bradshaw

Eva Bradshaw was born in London and was raised as the adopted daughter of John and Marion Bradshaw. She was initially trained as a nurse, but eventually gave up this career to pursue solely her art, devoting all of her time to painting and teaching ...

Florence Carlyle

Born in Galt, Ontario (presently Cambridge), Florence Carlyle moved with her family to Woodstock in 1871. All her siblings had artistic talent, and Carlyle herself was gifted in visual arts and music from a young age ...

Agneta Dolman

Agneta Dolman was born in Stockholm, Sweden, and grew up in Stockholm and Sigtuna, Sweden. Dolman began her art education in 1964 at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts’ School of Art and Design, where she received training in drawing, painting, sculpture, illustration, and commercial art. Arthur Lismer, of the Group of Seven, was the school’s director at that time and taught the course in illustration ...

Kate Taylor Cumming

Born Kate Livingston Taylor in Ingersoll in 1889, Cumming was praised for her art from a young age. She received the Pile Gold Medal for proficiency and promise in art from her Chatham high school and went on to train at the Detroit College of Art where she saw and painted her first miniatures. Continuing her studies at the Ontario College of Art in Toronto, she received a number of scholarships and was appointed Associate in the Department of Drawing and Painting upon graduation ...