Other Name: Diane Lynn Morrow

dlmorrow has been a practicing artist in the London, Ontario area
for over 30 years.

Born in Toronto, Ontario, dlmorrow has been a practicing London, Ontario artist for over 30 years.

dlmorrow studied art under Don Holman and Janis Hoogstraten through the Studio and Art History program at Scarborough College, University of Toronto. She received a BA with distinction in Visual Arts, Art History and Archaeology in 1979.

In 1978, dlmorrow practiced screen printing at Open Studio, Toronto, Ontario. She continued screen-printing in a home-studio for the next six years, concluding with a mono-screen print.

In 1980-1981 she studied black and white darkroom skills at Wexford Collegiate Institute, Scarborough, Ontario.

In 1981, dlmorrow moved to the London, Ontario area. She received a Diploma in Art Therapy from Western University in 1997, and that same year achieved Professional Status from the Ontario Art Therapy Association.

dlmorrow has been pursuing full-scale constructions (installations), chalk drawing, collage, and photography since 1984. She currently uses her art to highlight the importance of spiritual and environmental awareness, and strives to use only reused, recycled, or reclaimed materials.

In addition to her art practice, dlmorrow owns and operates ArtSpot1, through which she offers art consultation services, as well as art workshops for both adults and children.

In 2004, dlmorrow published a book of poetry entitled Eighteen- Poems-Plus-One (1975-2002):
a glitch in time

Biography Courtesy of dlmorrow, with additions by Luvneet K. Rana


Museum London (Shop Museum London). “dlmorrow.” https://shop.museumlondon.ca/collections/d-l-morrow/diane-morrow.

“The differing approaches which I take to various subject matter, ranging from the realistic through the suggestive to the abstract, reflect the various levels of dialogue available to me at the time of creation.

Always to be found, underlying my creative pulse, is a female perspective in a world that is still clearly male dominated.”


dlmorrow strives for 100% reused, recycled or reclaimed materials in her creations in order that she not be adding to the garbage on the planet.

Artist’s Statement Courtesy of dlmorrow

CV Courtesy of dlmorrow

Biography Profile Photo Courtesy of dlmorrow (Self-Portrait, 2016)

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