Nancy Geddes Poole

Born in London, Ontario, Nancy Geddes Poole was interested in art from a young age. She attended public schools in London and, in the eighth grade, sat behind Margot Ariss and watched her draw in the margins of her books. At Central Collegiate, Poole took art classes from Tony Gillies but it was apparent to her she did not have the same talent for creating art as her peers. Later, Poole attended Branksome Hall in Toronto ...

Doreen Lindsay

Born in Tillsonburg, Ontario, Doreen Lindsay grew up in London, Ontario. While still in elementary school, she began attending Saturday morning art classes at the London Public Art Museum. While attending Sir Adam Beck Collegiate Institute, Lindsay became the Students’ Council president as well as an after-school-hours’ helper at the Southeast (now Crouch) branch of the London Public Library ...

Gillian Saward

Born in England in 1934, Saward and her sister came to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan during World War Two, where they lived with a Canadian foster family from 1940 to 1945. While interested in art from childhood, it was not until return to England ...

Bernice Vincent

Born and raised in Woodstock, Ontario, Bernice Vincent moved to London in 1952 to attend H.B. Beal Secondary School, where she studied with several influential London artists including Herb Ariss, Mackie Cryderman, and John O’Henly. In 1954 Vincent traveled on scholarship to the Instituto Allende in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico to take courses in painting, anatomy, watercolour, lithography, and fabric painting ...